AMC Studio has been taking on challenging projects and created some stunning images for a wide genre of work, AMC Studio continues to exceed customers satisfactions by making the impossible possible.


Founded by Ronnie Chin in 2012 to create 3d animations and special effects for television commercials, events and print design. Our facility work closely with direct clients, agencies and production houses. Now with locations in Singapore and Malaysia, AMC strive to be the leading effects companies in the region, serving motion picture, commercial production and print design. AMC Studio has created visual effects for nearly 80 commercials and has played a key role in pre-production to final delivery.


With the collective experience in the industry, Ronnie represented AMC studio for events where he talked about the visual effects industry and have also gave an advance diploma course on visual effects and the animation module for the Digital Media Design course offered in Nanyang polytechnic.


Today AMC Studio is recognised by the the digital effects pipeline in the advertising industry. From the earliest creation of wholly computer generated characters in Amild, to life-like proportions of a super hero in Rasta Man, to computer generated liquid in Sprite, and Neutrogena, AMC Studio is constantly expanding the possibilities of digital imagery. AMC provides on set supervisions for films that require photo-realistic digital images with live-action footage and continues to work closely with clients with specific needs.


Creative Director and filmmakers collaborate with AMC Studio to create imagery that has never been seen before. Before a project start, we research heavily on ideas development, concept, creature development and fully articulated previsualization with directors to assure that their vision is realized on the screen. A palette of creative resources is available at AMC Studio to ensure that each project can achieve the desired visual effects on time and within a given budget.


A typical project at AMC Studio will be a mixture of motion design, computer graphics effects, digital enviroment, and state-of-the-art animation. The artists and staff in AMC Studio are the brains and hands of the company and are all highly trained from well known studios and have bagged numerous award and recognition from CG communities. Now, our common goal is to bring those success to our clients. By means of Creative and Effective works. 

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