Aerial Reel

Peace and Prosperity End Frame Design

Peace and Prosperity Channel 8

AMC Studio was nominated to work alongside with MediaCorp’s Channel 8 production team to direct and create a unique opening ...


AMC Opening Logo


Marubi TVC


UOB Opening Animation


Lux Asia

AMC Studio created hundreds of 3D models for Lux Asia campaign. It will be printed out with high resolution 3D ...

Oral B Wire 02-10 (00066)

Oral B

We were responsible for creating 3D animation for the demo sequence. Working closely with Creative Director (Damien), we researched intensively ...

Hpb Lifestyle Wire featured image

HPB Lifestyle

HPB Lifestyle concept was to leave history trail of people or object. Most trail effects are produced by image projection ...

Abc-Skyscraper-featured image

Abc Skyscraper

The idea was to wrap and later reveal a futuristic skyscraper with a gigantic cloth. 3D animation was done in Autodesk ...

Hazeline featured image


We created a product demo sequence for Hazeline to emphasize on key ingredients that will make your skin smooth and ...

Nobels Featured Image


We created a full 3D animation with text graphics for Nobel Peace Prize opening. First we drafted out numerous pre ...

Singtel Xperia Featured Image

Singtel Music Xperia

We created a 30 seconds 3D animation for SingTel from scratch including revisions all within a month.  

property_finder_featured Image

Property Finder

We created a 10 seconds logo animation for Property Finder.

Emami Hibiscus Featured Image

Emami Hibiscus TVC

Realistic integration between CG and live footage is absolute for Emami TVC. We worked on the 3D flowers animation and ...

Emami Almond Featured Image

Emami Almond TVC

Realistic integration between CG and live footage is absolute for Emami TVC. We worked on the 3D Almonds and bubbles ...

All Steel Chair Featured Image

All Steel Chair

We created a 3D animation for All Steel Chair, the concept introduces viewer it’s use of high grade materials to ...

Aston Martin Featured Image

Aston Martin Fast Silver

3D animation showcasing the exterior to interior of the new Aston Martin.


Celcom Malaysia

An amazing concept for Celcom Malaysia television commercial, The idea behind it is very clear and concise. We created flood ...


Mercedes-Benz Dessert

We created a dramatic 3D animation of the Mercedes-Benz drifting.


Mercedes-Benz Highway Alternate Version


Mi Synergy New Product Launch Ad

We created a full 3D animation for Mi Synergy featuring their latest products. Three weeks in pre-production, story-boarding and planing ...


Sahara Property Development TVC

We created the CG walk through for Sahara Property. Broke down the CG city into separate layers for better management. ...


Mercedes-Benz Highway


Ponds Destino

We created a realistic 3D product render for Pond’s Destino campaign. Created in Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects.

7UP_Storm_75sec FeatureImage

7Up Storm


West Australian Newspaper

We created a full 3D animation for West Australian Newspaper. Great collaboration with our Australian counterpart!


Starhub Max Infinity Lvl99

We created a full 3D animation for Starhub Max Infinity Level 99. With five artists working full time in just two ...


Neutrogena Hydro Boost

Liquid simulation has always be the forefront for visual effects industry. We had a chance to worked on Neutrogena TVC. ...


So Klin

Macro shot are always an interest for us. We were tasked to created full 3D animation of So Klin product ...



There’s is no way to have an actual silk with 100 meters in length to make wave in synchronizes with ...


Axis Group Hug

Making a buffalo standing up on its hind leg sounds interesting. Making it really do that is no easy feat. ...


Honda Vario

Another challenging assignment that was commissioned to us by Honda. We were racking our brains to create a full CG ...


Taj Mahal 3D sequence

A last minute job taken up before Christmas. We were commissioned to create a full 3D animation of raw ingredients ...


Minute Maid CNY

We started this project with 2D concept drawing of a pulp dragon and translate it to a 3D model. Once ...



This is a brand that needs to be smart about investment. … It’s not necessarily about absolute figures, it’s about ...


Ponds Mask 3d sequence

Macro shot of ponds demo sequence to show the liquid mask covering the skin and solidified to face mask. When peeled ...


Minute Maid Carnival

The main highlight for Minute Maid spot was to build a gigantic bottle with human statues climbing up. First thing that we did ...




Coke China


Beta Test Autodesk Mudbox 2013

Beta testing on a 3D software for Autodesk Mudbox Competition. It was awarded top 3 among hundreds of competitors and ...


Five Stone Hostel Visualisation

AMC collaborated with the owner of Five Stone Hotel to work out on their room design and visualization. Down to ...




Fiat 500

It’s good to have take on a car job once a while, clean shiny metals and polished tires. The shaders ...



This is a work which AMC is beta testing for The Foundry Mari software, a high end texturing software used ...



We were interested with the idea of a painting that comes to life in a museum.


Republic of Singapore Navy Commercial


Sun Kee Shop Visualisation

AMC Studio were tasked by our Client from Select group to do a 3d visualisation for the their  new cafe ...


District 9 mech

AMC were tasked to pitch on a 3d animation project, this mech was a sample for client to see the ...


NTUC Orchard Trail

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